The element of surprise is what makes putting the ring on a girl you’re planning to marry exhilarating. But how do you do it without ruining the surprise? How do you get the perfect diamond engagement ring that she’ll love? With a well-calculated strategy, it is possible to get the ring of her dreams without her knowing. Here’s how

What’s Her Style?

The fact that you’ve been together for a while means you know a thing or two about the kind of rings she loves wearing. Does she love classic and elegant or she prefers modern and fashionable rings? Whatever the taste, you need to get her the most brilliant ring you can lay your hands on.

Choose the Right Diamond

The cut of the diamond is the yardstick used to measure the ring’s brilliance. A good cut gives a diamond engagement ring the shining brightness that seems to emanate from the very heart of the diamond. In fact, it’s the brilliance that makes the ring dazzling. 

Ask for Help

Most men find choosing a ring that will captivate their partners daunting. There’s no harm in asking for a helping hand. Talk to her friends, sister, your mother, her colleagues or your close female friend. The chances of getting the perfect ring that she will love are always high if you seek help from her close friends or your trusted female friends.

Get the Right Size

You have to get an engagement right that fits her perfectly. You can bring one of her rings at a jewellery store and get the exact size. Again, if you have problems establish the size of her finger; some help would come in handy. You may talk to your partner’s friends, sister or mother to find out if they know her finger size. 

What if it’s Not the Correct Size?

There’s a possibility of getting the wrong ring size especially when the avenues of establishing her finger size are fruitless. In case that happens, you may consider resizing the ring. You may visiting a local jeweler and have a professional determine the correct size and how much alteration is needed. Professional jewelers will have an engagement ring resized and have it delivered to you with a span of 24 hours. 

Likewise, if your girlfriend doesn’t like the ring, you can perhaps return/exchange it at the jewellery store so be sure to ask about this when you're purchasing. 

Packaging should be delivered in an elegant box that’s pleasing to the eye. There should be no markings on the box. Most jewellery shops will help you pack the ring a professional manner. Get everything right and make that moment when you go down on a bended knee flawless.