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25 Dover Street
Mayfair, London, W1S 4LX
0207 589 8877
0207 590 0890

Monday - Friday 12.00pm till 4.00pm
By appointment only
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By Lorenzo Quinn
Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966) is a renowned contemporary Italian artist who, driven by the need to observe the energies that fill life with meaning, has turned to avant-garde figurative sculpture to express his passion for storytelling to the world. “I wanted to sculpt what is arguably the most technically challenging part of the human body: our hands”. This symbol and its various expressive renderings form the core of an artistic production that transcends frontiers. His exhibitions have appeared in numerous cities, including Venice, Shanghai, Cannes, Majorca and Giza. “Hands wield a great deal of power: they love, hate, create and also destroy”.
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